About Me

               I am an author, mother of twin boys and creator of all things inspirational and interesting. I am a Certified Angel practioner and a trained teacher for Heal Your Life philosophies of Louise H Hay. My journey has led me through various therapies and I have practiced healing modalities like reiki, hypnosis, somatic experiencing, art of living, vipasna, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), crystal healing, buddhism-chanting, and shamanism. I have participated in several workshops led by many wise teachers like Late.Roxanne Marker, Ellaeenah Niloufer D (www.jadefirelight.com), Paul & Neelam Hinsberger (www.themysticlotus.com), Guruji Prem Nirmal (http://premnirmal.guru), Rajeev and Anu Mehra (www.thelighthouser.com) Each of them have helped me look through different lenses and expand my own understanding.

               As a hands-on mother of twin boys who are under 5 years, I have slowly learnt to stay open to change and chaos. I find it interesting that children have so much to teach us on a daily basis.  Since they have no filter, there is pure truth pouring out. They are one of my primary inspirations to work with other women who also have children.

               Spirituality is at the core of my teachings. However, I understand and see each person as their own best guru. Therefore, I share tools and approaches that are easy and applicable for you. I help you live your best version by encouraging you to listen to yourself.