As human beings we face a serious challenge of being able to love, unconditionally. We push and we pull, we struggle and we make it! As adults we behave in a certain way to maintain the decorum and sanity around daily living which may or may not be satisfying to us in experience.

I ask you to PAUSE, I invite you to travel into your child-like open eyes filled with curiosity and awe. Get ready for a journey that will sparkle, glitter and cause a glow in your perspective towards self and the relationships you create with others.

Know Your Relationships promises to take you a wave forward one day at a time, one emotion at a time,one letter at a time. It is about strengthening ones willingness to see a bigger picture, a new horizon, if you will. The words in here have power to bring a lightening smile to the otherwise mundane.

I know that every adult has a child within them, apart from the one they gave birth to. This book talks to that child in an empowering way, encouraging them to look at relationships in their life through the the first 26 letters of the English language. Ever considered A = Allow rather than Apple? Or B = Bliss rather than Ball?


  • Speaks to the child within every adult, encouraging them to inculcate a HEALTHY relationship with Self, FIRST.
  • Is a helpful GUIDE to create Intentions in all kinds of relationships
  • ILLUSTRATIONS provide a deep sense of connection
  • Aspires one to GIVE rather than WANT in relationships
  • Provides a brand NEW way of looking at the 26 letters in English language.


Launch of the Book at TitleWaves Bookstore, Bandra By Guruji Prem Nirmal , Holistic Counselor, Kriya Yogi Scientific Mystic, Enlightenment Educationist




Attended By Sohin Lakhani, Publisher, Embassy Books


Other Guests at the Event

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