The Dark Cape


The Dark Cape (A real emotion that I bump into many times)

Have you ever felt so worthless and exposed that you could burry your head deep into the blanket and just sleep off for the entire day? The ability to express the other side of everything positive is tricky and yet it must be communicated and processed. Being able to say what you feel in a healthy way presents a challenge not only because there is a fear of being judged and getting isolated but also because there is no logical context to feel this way at many instances. We go through varied emotions and while it is relatively easy to be happy and cheerful the flip side can be grim and take away from constructive time and energy.

So how do you really stay present to your own emotions and wellbeing as you also align and re-align with all the different moods and shades of those who surround you and form an important part of your life experience on a day to day basis. This seems like a daunting task and yet we are all doing this without much thought. The beauty lies in not over analysing but taking heed of what is relevant at any given point in time. The journey of feeling high and low in emotions is an inevitable one. I was having a great one week of possibilities and I almost thought I would never feel miserable again. If you can be honest about how you are feeling and where your energy is percolating then you can stop and pause. Also, the ability to do so will re-charge some inner batteries that are easy to ignore and most challenging to refuel without proper time and care.

To be able to discuss and share your dark side with a partner, friend or parent can be embarrassing and make one feel vulnerable. But the regular task of doing this presents great opportunity to bloom and literally blossom in relationships. Time will pass and emotions will come and go, how you can handle these and where they take you in your journey is the key. Silence is not always golden and green. It can take years to mend a small scar and many more for the original skin to surface.

If you are feeling like it is time to get ready and do something different in your relationship, then give these bullets a shot.

  • Think of a dear one and the first question you could ask is what can I GIVE in this relationship?
  • Set an intention. This will serve to be like a backbone and a pillar that you can lean into at all times.
  • Stay true to how you feel and your intention

The book Know Your Relationships can be a resource to help you set an intention through the course of many emotions. Each chapter is supported with an illustration to get the juices flowing and help you write down that which is helpful and could also be a presenting challenge. For example, a small tiff with a family member got me to pick up the book at an instant. I noticed that I had opened the page to Rest and the intention clearly stated that I could use a bit of relaxation. Although at the time it seemed like the most annoying thing to stay quiet, I set the intention to rest into the comfort of that relationship. I could feel the intention taking birth in me as I followed through. Later when we did talk, I noticed that my tone, choice of words and expression were coming from a place of calm and not blame. In short, it worked.

Intentions are not wishes. They direct your energy towards what you could create therefore I encourage you to go slow and choose just one relationship at a time.

Are you willing to take responsibility in your relationships? Write to me and let me know your story. If I am inspired I will send you a signed copy of the book Know Your Relationships FREE.

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