The Yellow Wall

The Yellow Walla space I stumbled upon as I slowed down!

This week I decided to slow down in my pace. Since nothing else made sense I felt like this was the only choice and way to be moving forward on my path. For those of us who like to be busy and in the world running around (which is almost all of us) will know how challenging it can be to do this s-l-o-w-i-n-g down.The mind resists anything that is feeding the soul at first. It is used to the chatter and finds home in the chaos. While the helter-skelter nature of a day full of activities and things to complete presents its own issues so does the reverse which is to slow down the schedule and trim the hurriedness. I realised that I was on my own in a way as I explored this phase of learning how to take it easy.

Breathe in- Breathe out and Aho you are feeling more alive and present to what is in the moment. As I started to give more attention to small tasks that I was accomplishing like writing out a piece of work or getting some cleaning work done at home my mind would barge in to let me know that I was loosing out something which seemed more important than the thing that had all my attention and focus.

Each day as I sat down to write out my Time Diary which is a new way of managing your resources and looking at every week afresh, my mind was determined to show me it was a futile effort in management. Moving forward my intuition stayed strong and I knew I could count on it. I kept breathing consciously and each day in the first few hours of waking up I would set an INTENTION to stay aligned to my purpose. This single thing worked brilliantly and I could always track back the course of my day to that intention having manifested. There is something very amazing about being conscious, it just burns all negativity and dismisses the doubts. And this was happening to me all the time in the slowing down process. Excellent, isn’t it?

If you are inspired to slow down too, I encourage you to do one or all of the following:

  • Feed a child with your own hands -this will build up your ability to be patient and give up on the gruesome demands of time.
  • Massage your own self -this will put you in touch with your body and kick in the gentle genes
  • Serve through your work – if you were to think about how I can serve someone through my action (in this case whatever you do) your demeanour would be humble and in sync with what you are offering.

The last ten days of slowing down have done me more benefit than many months put together. My purpose is clearer, I feel more driven to work towards it and I am adapting to new ways to erase old stories that are not serving me. In the process I feel more enthusiastic to meet or interact with new people and old, I feel flexible to make changes in my plans as they unravel real time and there is this innate capacity to let people be. Slowing down is the new fast. It is appealing and accommodating my goals and ambitions in a practical way.

Do you have the appetite to slow down? Write to me and let me know your story. If I am inspired I will offer you a 30 minutes Skype call on How to create Intentions for a working week absolutely FREE.

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