Welcome to the online module of ‘Play the Week & the Weekend.'
I am so excited to see that you are choosing a conscious way to live life each day of the week. This course will support your decision to do so and assist you to create an intention for each of your working days and the weekend.
I have created eight videos (one video for each day of the week and an introduction) and seven supporting worksheets that you can begin with at your own time and pace. Although you can watch the videos and do the worksheets in any order, it is best suggested to do only one video along with its supporting worksheet each day. For example, if you are starting with the Monday video then it is best suggested to write through the Monday worksheet on the same day.

Also to support you further, I will be glad to add you to a closed Facebook community so that we can connect, share and learn together.

All the very best and I look forward to playing each day of the week with you, starting now.

Meghna Thakkar – Play Therapist/ Psychologist

Tina Jain – Homemaker & Mother

Vineeta Singh – Retail Professional,Future Group 



Play the Week & the Weekend September 2018 - A high tea event to celebrate INTENTION through art.